Welcome to Spring Quarter 2015!

Hi ESSers!

As everyone returns to our department keep a few points in mind:

Please remember to be vigilant about suspicious behavior in our buildings and labs.

Remember to lock doors when appropriate, especially when working alone in laboratories. Report suspicious behavior to the UWPD as well as our building manager, Dave McDougall (JHN 047). Also, you might program the UWPD number into your phone: 206-685-8973 (UWPD). For emergencies, call 911 immediately.

Please remember to use common spaces with consideration for your peers!

We have a lot of shared work space in our department–like labs, offices, the student lounge, the QRC library, etc. Please remember to be considerate when using these spaces, and to create spaces for our incoming students–so that everyone can be comfortable using these resources.

We have a lot of new ways to connect with the department–check out our social media platforms!

ESS Departmental Website
ESS Facebook Page
ESS LinkedIn Group
ESS Twitter Feed
ESS YouTube Account

-Also check out the advising blogs for Environmental, and Science and Math pre-majors!

EnviroLink (Environmental Pre-Major Advising Link) Blog
SAMLink (Science and Math Pre-Major Advising Link) Blog

Thanks everyone! Good luck this quarter! Welcome!