Outreach Opportunities

“Rock’ing Out”

Website: http://earthweb.ess.washington.edu/rocknout/Welcome.html

The Department of Earth and Space Sciences has a long history of K-12 outreach in the wider community. Graduate students began to organize “ESS outreach” events in 2005 under the leadership of Rachel Headley.

In 2006 “Rock’ing Out” was formed by newly arrived graduate student, Theresa Kayzar, who soon began holding meetings to build a more permanent structured program. This idea came from here past outreach experiences at the University of Arizona and a desire to expand the small program at the University of Washington. In those first years “Rock’ing  Out” attended many local science nights and classrooms as the number of volunteers continued to grow.

By 2008 “Rock’ing Out” had extended their services to the entire state of Washington with the generous support of the Department of Earth and Space Sciences and the NASA Space Grant Program. Today, “Rock’ing Out” is organized by a board of students and has many graduate and undergraduate volunteers that keep the program operational. We have brought science lesson plans to thousands of children in Washington State, and we continue to look forward to future endeavors and growth.

Please contact Shelley Chestler, ESS Graduate student, for more information, or if you would like to request services or volunteer: schest@uw.edu