The first step is to set up an appointment with your adviser ( to meet and make sure you have completed most of your degree requirements and plan classes for future quarters. You can also check your progress on DARS. Students apply to graduate 2 quarters before they plan on graduating (i.e. if you are graduating at the end of Spring quarter, make an appointment sometime during Fall quarter). The last day to file a graduation application is the third Friday of the quarter in which you plan to graduate. During your advising appointment you will be asked to complete a short exit survey.

  • Double check DARS
  • Meet with adviser 2 quarters before you plan to graduate (make an appointment)
  • Last day to file graduation app is third Friday of the quarter you are graduating
  • Complete exit interview (with your adviser)


One of the benefits of applying to graduate early is Graduating Senior Priority (GSP). This allows seniors to register for classes before the rest of the student population, ensuring they are able to get the classes they need in order to complete their degree. Seniors get 2 quarters of GSP.

  • Register for classes before rest of students to ensure you get into classes needed for degree completion
  • 2 quarters of GSP


Honors students (both departmental and university) should check with Student Services to ensure that the honors requirement has been activated on their DARS. Once the requirement is activated, the only thing that does not automatically complete is the research presentation requirement.  Honors is noted on diplomas and transcripts (once graduated), and honors students are eligible for honors cords to wear at graduation ceremonies.

  • Make sure the honors requirement is activated and fulfilled on DARS
  • Bruce sends confirmation of research presentation to Student Services
  • Also make sure to indicate it under departmental honors on grad app

Graduate Students


Contact your faculty adviser and Noell to make sure you are on the right track to graduate!

Graduation Ceremonies


The ESS Departmental Graduation is typically held the morning of the UW Seattle Campus Commencement Ceremony. Cap and Gown are REQUIRED for the department’s graduation and can be ordered here: Additional departmental stoles can be purchased through Student Services but are optional for graduation. If students wish to attend the ESS Graduation Ceremony, they need to register here:

  • Graduation will be June 13, 2015
  • Student Services will send invitations to RSVP via email
  • Cap and gown REQUIRED
  • ESS Stoles can be ordered through Student Services


The University of Washington Commencement for the Class of 2015 will be held on June 13, 2015. Ceremony. Cap and Gown are REQUIRED for commencement and they can be ordered here: If students wish to attend the University wide graduation ceremony they need to register here For more information, please visit the Commencement Web Site.


Graduation Diplomas are not handed out during the graduation ceremony (neither at the department nor campus level). Diplomas are not the only “proof” that a degree has been earned at the University of Washington, nor is a physical representation of the degree. The degree will post to the UW transcript. Students can check unofficial transcripts a few weeks after the graduation date to check if the degree has posted. Diplomas will not arrive for 3-6 months after the graduation date.

  • Not given out during ceremony
  • Double check UW has up to date permanent address
  • Mailed to the student’s permanent address