Contact Us


Noéll Bernard-Kingsley : Undergraduate Academic Adviser & Graduate Program Adviser

Contact : Academic Advising; Career Advising; Petitions; Outreach and Recruitment; Graduate Admissions; Open House for Prospective Graduate Students; New Graduate Student Orientation; Graduate Student Examinations; Department Graduation Celebration; Undergraduate Research; Study Abroad; Concerns about the Department/Department Culture related to Student Affairs; Conflicts within the Department


Dana Hansen : Student Services Coordinator & Undergraduate Adviser

Contact : Undergraduate Academic Advising; Graduation Applications and Surveys; Registration Issues; Course Evaluations; Undergraduate Research; Field Camp – ESS 400; Event Support


Professor Ken Creager : Graduate Program Coordinator
206.685.2803 or 206.543.6626

Contact : Graduate Student Academic Advising; Master’s and Doctoral Supervisory Committee Approval; Petition for On-Leave Status; Satisfactory Progress; Conflict with Faculty Advisor/Changing Advisors; Graduate Program Curriculum

See Graduate School Memorandum No. 4: The Graduate Program Coordinator


Professor Bruce Nelson : Undergraduate Honors Program Coordinator / Associate Dean of Research College of the Environment
206.543.4434 or 206.543.9187

Contact : ESS Departmental Honors Program; ESS 489 Honors Seminar; Undergraduate Research; College of the Environment


Professor Gerard Roe : Undergraduate Program Coordinator

Contact : Undergraduate Academic Advising; Career and Graduate School Advising; Petition for Major/Minor Requirement Exceptions and Substitutions; Low Scholarship; Satisfactory Progress; Course Reviews for Transfer Equivalency; Undergraduate Research


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