Hydrogeology position announcement with EPA in Denver, CO

A rare PERMANENT hydrogeologist position is opening up in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Region 8 office in Denver. The work will be to support hazardous waste cleanups throughout the Rocky Mountain states. If you or someone you know is looking for a good government job and wouldn’t mind moving to Denver (or being a congressional punching bag, but that’s just another perk), this is an excellent opportunity. Starting salary will depend on your combination of education and experience, and they’d probably prefer someone with at least a little practical hydrogeology experience along with a geology/hydrogeology degree(s). The position is open for only one week, so you’ll need to put your application in pronto. Even so, expect months to go by before you hear anything. It will probably be fine to apply if you expect to graduate this spring. Let me know (knadle.marcia) if you’d like contact information to talk with a hydrogeologist in Region 8 or other hints about applying.

On a more personal note, I’m retiring in early April from a similar job with EPA in Seattle. Hopefully, my unit will be able to backfill my position sometime this year.
If I find out about the announcement in time, I’ll send that out too. Otherwise, keep an eye on USAJOBS.

Marcia Knadle
AWG-PNW Past-President

The following announcements will open on USAJOBS for a GS-1301/1315/1350-9/11, Physical Scientist (Environmental)/Geologist/Hydrologist)

CI-R8-DE-2015-0002 open from March 13, 2015 – March 17, 2015