UNAVCO Summer Internships for Undergraduates: RESESS and Geo-LAUNCHPAD

UNAVCO’s Undergraduate Internships: LeAding UNdergraduates in CHallenges
to Power Academic Development in Geosciences (Geo-LAUNCHPAD) and
Research Experiences in Solid Earth Science for Students (RESESS)

Geo-LAUNCHPAD and RESESS are paid summer research internships
managed by UNAVCO and based in Boulder, Colorado
that are intended to increase diversity in the geoscience workforce by
supporting students from underrepresented groups on their path to
completing college, graduate school, and beginning a career in science.
Geo-LAUNCHPAD is for community college students and university students
who have not yet started their junior year and RESESS is geared toward
rising junior and senior undergraduate students.

Interns from both internships complete a research project on topics such
as geology, geomorphology, hydrology, seismology, paleoclimatology,
glaciology, geophysics, geodesy, volcanology, engineering, remote
imaging, and more. Both internships include a communications and
professional development workshop, field trips, a poster presentation,
and a supportive community. RESESS interns also participate in a weekly
writing workshop and present their research in a UNAVCO-wide oral
colloquium at the end of the summer. We provide extensive support to
interns, including travel to and from Boulder, housing, and a stipend or

Geo-LAUNCHPAD interns will complete a collaborative research project
under the guidance of a UNAVCO project manager. A Faculty Mentor from
the intern’s home institution provides support and guidance before,
during, and after the program.

RESESS interns will complete an independent research project on a topic
of interest to them with a scientist at UNAVCO, the University of
Colorado, the U. S. Geological Survey, or from other scientific
institutions in the Boulder/Foothills area. If eligible, RESESS interns
may also receive funding support for presenting their research results
at a national science conference.

We encourage applications from groups that are underrepresented in the
geosciences to both programs.

For additional information about Geo-LAUNCHPAD, please visit
www.unavco.org/geolaunchpad and go to our Application Instructions and FAQs web pages, or email

The application deadline is February 10, 2015.