AWESOME CLASS with space! BIOL 438: Quantitive approaches in Paleobiology, morphology and systematics

We wanted to bring to your attention an awesome new class happening fall quarter with our stellar and amazing Paleobiology faculty! Attached is the preliminary syllabus. Please note the pre reqs below!

BIOL 438: Quantitative Approaches in Paleobiology, Morphology, and Systematics.

The course is an introduction to the principles and analytical methods of paleobiology, morphology, and systematics. The major topics covered will include the nature of the fossil record, systematics and morphology-based phylogenetics, evolutionary rates and trends, biodiversity curves, analysis of form and function, and paleoecology. Lectures will be supplemented with labs that emphasize application of methods associated with lecture themes, using fossil and modern specimens from the Burke Museum. Grades will be based on lab reports and a take-home final.

Lectures: Tue Thu 1:30-2:50 pm

Lab: Fri 1:30-4:20 pm

Prerequisites: BIOL 354, ESS 213, BIOL 280, or instructor permission.

Gregory P. Wilson

Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Adjunct Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology
Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture
University of Washington
24 Kincaid Hall, Box 351800
Seattle, Washington 98195-1800

Phone: 206.543.8917
Fax: 206.543.3041
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