2014 Trail Blazers Scholarship


Offered in 2014 in honor of Vic Cohrs and Jamie VanEtten


The Trail Blazers is a volunteer organization that contributes its time, energy and knowledge toward helping the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. Members participate in a variety of studies, conservation and wilderness protection activities, camp cleanups, stream restoration and trail maintenance, but the fish stocking and surveying activities have given the Trail Blazers their focus that has endured since 1933.

Vic Cohrs was an active member of the Trail Blazers for 23 years. Vic held all four officer positions including Treasurer, Secretary, Vice-President and President. An avid fisherman from youth to adulthood he joined the Trail Blazers in 1989. He stocked mostly the same lakes year after year. He enjoyed the opportunity to plant fish with his kids and grandkids which made the trips special to him. Vic’s lifelong love affair with the great outdoors was a very important part of his life. His dedication to the club was not only demonstrated in the field through stocking trips and lake surveys but also within the administration of the club.

Jamie Van Etten was an active member of the Trail Blazers for 31 years serving as Secretary and President of the club. During Jamie’s early years his favorite pastime was camping with his family and hiking to and fishing in the mountain lakes in Western Washington with his “big brother” Ben. After army service in Vietnam, Jamie was in the scrap metal business until he was disabled in 1975. From that time on he devoted his life to any activity that took him to the woods. He was considered an expert on wild mushrooms, vegetation in the Cascades and, of course, the native rainbow, brook, and cutthroat trout. When he joined the Trail Blazers in 1981, it was the perfect fit. Over the years he backpacked thousands of fingerling trout to the mountain lakes in Western Washington. He especially enjoyed returning to the lakes that he had stocked to check on the trout’s progress and encouraged the membership to join him. He loved the pristine environment of the alpine lakes. Even though some of his “shortcuts” might be questioned, it was always a pleasure to accompany him in the mountains.

The Trail Blazers, Inc. are most interested in assisting students who seek a career that will enhance the management of wilderness, natural resources and fisheries science in Washington State’s mountains.


To be eligible for consideration, students must complete the attached application form and submit it along with the attachments requested. It must be received by May 15 of the year of the award.

Student Selection:

Applicants will be judged on the criteria of scholarship, leadership, integrity, and other personal achievements. Preference will be given to those applicants who demonstrate an interest in pursuing careers that involve professional work in Washington’s high country. (Examples: forester, fisheries scientist, geologist, wildlife biologist, botanist, or wilderness recreation specialist.) Since students usually do not know for certain where their professional careers will begin, the applicant should give some detail as to the probability of their working in Washington State. Applicants with existing or planned research work in Washington’s high country will be given additional preference.


One qualified student will be selected to receive a $1,000 one-time scholarship.

Applications are available at the Trail Blazers website: memitch.

Refer any questions and/or comments to:

Trail Blazers Scholarship Committee

c/o Michael Mitchell

13828 432nd Ave SE
North Bend, WA 98045




Offered in 2014 in honor of Vic Cohrs and Jamie VanEtten

Due May 15, 2014

To be considered, a student must have a complete application packet. All applications will be reviewed by the selection committee only and are confidential.

Student Name:_________________________________________________________________



Please include the following with your application:

1. Complete application form

2. Current transcript

3. Current resume

4. Two letters of recommendation from a sponsor or staff member of the student’s current school

5. A typed double-spaced personal essay. The essay should include a description of the student’s community or outdoor service, interests, professional goals and the area of study being pursued. It should also contain a discussion of the student’s outdoor activities, and a statement on why he/she is worthy of this award

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