Summer Internships at Oregon State University (USA)

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The Oregon Climate Change Research Institute at OSU offers summer
internships for up to three students in Corvallis.

(1) Next-generation scenarios of future climate from a regional

Undergraduate students with a strong background in meteorology,
atmospheric sciences, or climatology with some preparation in statistics
or computer programming are encouraged to apply for a summer internship
at Oregon State University, funded and administered through the REACCH
(Regional Approaches to Climate Change for Pacific Northwest
Agriculture) project. This project makes use of a superensemble
(>140,000 one-year simulations) of 25km resolution regional modeling
over the western US. Students involved in this project will join a team
of people running the regCPDN who use and modify existing computer code
to aggregate and examine certain aspects of the superensemble. REU
students will gain first-hand knowledge of climate modeling, both at the
global and regional scale, computer programming, and working within an
interdisciplinary team. The internship pays $500 per week in addition to
housing and other benefits. Period of internship is June 16 – August 15.

Some experience programming is required; IDL, matlab, or R preferred.
For details see


Note that applications are no longer being accepted via this web site.
To apply, send resume, letter of interest, statement of computer
programming experience, 3 references, and transcript to

Philip Mote
Applications are due April 25.

The other two positions will collect tree trait data for earth system
modeling. They will learn how to core trees and read cores properly,
measure tree and crown height with lasers, measure leaf area with
optical sensors, and make other forest measurements. They will also
analyze and format the data according to our protocols developed for the
AmeriFlux network, Fluxnet, and the U.N. Global Terrestrial Observing
System- Terrestrial Carbon Observations.
Expected qualifications: use of excel for data entry and simple
equations. Desired: Field experience making tree measurements and using
field instruments like the LAI-2000. To apply, send CV and letter of
interest to