Bioastronautics seminar! Feb. 21st, 2014

AFSUW is hosting a career development seminar on February 21st at 2 pm in Bagley Hall 154 that we think your members will be interested in attending.

Our speaker is Dr. Erika Wagner and her work spans the fields of biology, physics, astronautics, and health sciences. She currently holds two positions:

Executive Director of the XPrize Lab at MIT where she studies how large prizes foster innovation, and
Executive Director and Science Director for the Mars Gravity Biosatellite, a collaborative project that studies the effects of Martian gravity on physiology.

More about her work, here:

She has had an interesting and varied career path, and can speak to us about her career, her current projects, as well as balancing work and family.

See you there!

AFSUW President