Student position for PNSN

Student Employment Opportunity

with Emphasis on Web Development

(For students with or without Work Study eligibility)

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network (PNSN) is the authoritative seismic network for Washington and Oregon State. After an event or volcanic eruption, traffic at increases 100-1000 fold as the public seeks the latest information and real time products. Prospective student will work closely with PNSN developers and system administrators to test and fix website issues, develop web products, and administrate web and database servers. Additionally, student will have the opportunity to participate in fieldwork, provide public outreach through group tours of the seismology lab and assist electronic technicians in developing and maintaining field equipment.

Desired skills (We will teach you many of these as needed):

Familiarity with the Linux environment


Scripting Language such as PHP, Ruby or Python

Some SQL experience (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)

Familiarity with soldering and basic electronics

Familiarity with geological processes

Willingness to work outdoors

Educational outreach

Like to have fun (we can’t teach this one)

Know the airspeed velocity of a unladen swallow!

Flexible Hours(10-20/Week), Beginning Salary ~$10/hr. DOE

Contact: Jon Connolly, joncon