Space policy internships

Lloyd V. Berkner Space Policy Internships

“My internship with the Space Studies Board taught me more about space policy and the ways of Washington than I ever could have learned in the classroom. As a science major, it was particularly exciting to have a front row seat in watching decisions being made that will shape my field of study for years to come.”
–– Abigail Fraeman, SSB Intern & Ph.D. Candidate, 2009

capitol_thumbnailAs part of its celebration of the 50th anniversary of its founding, the Space Studies Board (SSB) has expanded the scope of the Space Policy Intern program it has operated since 1992 by initiating the Lloyd V. Berkner Space Policy Internships. The goal of the program is to provide promising undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to work in the area of civil space research policy in the Nation’s capital, under the aegis of the SSB. The Lloyd V. Berkner Space Policy Internships are offered twice annually.

Established in 1958 to serve as the focus of the interests and responsibilities in space research for the National Academies, the Board provides an independent, authoritative forum for information and advice on all aspects of space science and applications, and it serves as the focal point within the National Academies for activities on space research. It oversees advisory studies and program assessments, facilitates international research coordination, and promotes communications on space science and science policy between the research community, the federal government, and the interested public. The SSB also serves as the U.S. National Committee for the International Council for Science (ICSU) Committee on Space Research (COSPAR).

Interns typically undertake one or more short-term research projects designed to assist with or to enhance ongoing study projects. The projects undertaken by the SSB standing committees and ad hoc task groups are in constant flux, with studies being completed and new studies beginning on a regular basis. Although this makes it difficult to predict just what the interns will get to work on, it also ensures their exposure to the different stages of the study process –from project initiation, through the committee process, and the final publication of committee reports – as several studies are being undertaken simultaneously. Please visit the SSB projects and committees sites for more information on our current activities.

“My internship experience gave me exposure to many of the issues that come to play where space policy is involved. I felt like I was in the middle of everything – where academia, government and the private sector interact. I return home excited at the prospect of pursuing a future in this field.”
— Laura Delgado, Lloyd V. Berkner Space Policy Intern, 2008

Exploration Seminar to India

Half the Sky: Women, Leadership and Entrepreneurship exploration seminar to India for summer 2014. This is an amazing opportunity for students to experience India’s vibrant culture and entrepreneurial spirit. We’ll jump around India, heading from Mumbai, to Ahmedabad, to Rajasthan, to Agra and Delhi, to Bangalore, and then back to Mumbai.

While this is hosted by the Foster School of Business, this is not a Business students only seminar. The course is joint listed as IBUS 490/GWSS 456.

We will be holding 50-minute information sessions in PACCAR 456 on the following dates:

Monday, January 13 – 5:00 pm

Tuesday, January 28 – 12:30 pm

Wednesday, February 12 – 5:30 pm

Please see the attached flyer for more details. Applications are due on Saturday, March 1, 2014.

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Cazandra Santos

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