2014 PCC graduate student fellowships

The Program on Climate Change is pleased to be able to offer three 9-month
graduate fellowships for the 2014/2015 academic year. Each of the PCC core
departments, including Earth and Space Sciences, may use one of these
fellowships for graduate students who will be entering the UW in fall of
2014. These fellowships are intended to be incentives to attract the best
students interested in climate science to the University of Washington.
Ideally, these students should also express interest in participating in PCC
activities as part of their application letter and/or campus visit.

Please submit your first choice and an alternate-their name, contact
information and CV or statement of interest to Miriam Bertram in the PCC
office (uwpcc) no later than 17 March 2014. Your first choice will
then be offered, by you and by a formal letter from the PCC, and if it is
turned down, the second choice student may be approached. If the PCC has
not received an acceptance notice from one of the two candidates by 1 May
2014, the fellowship will be made available to the broader graduate student
climate community through a separate application process.

The graduate fellowship is administered as a 9-month, 0.5 FTE, research
assistantship. The PCC will also provide $500 for use for travel to a
national meeting or a research site, or for the purchase of books and
supplies. Students should consult Miriam in the PCC office for more
information on receipt of these funds.

Please direct questions to the PCC Director, LuAnne Thompson
(luanne), or to the PCC Program Specialist, Miriam Bertram
(uwpcc, x36521).

A pdf of this memo is attached.

2014 PCC fellowship departmental memo_ESS.pdf