EXPERIMENTING WITH FLUIDS Lab projects in fluid dynamics

EXPERIMENTING WITH FLUIDS Lab projects in fluid dynamics

OC 569B : 4 Cr, Winter Quarter 2014 P.B. Rhines, R. Koon

Oceanography & Atmospheric Sciences SLN 17680

Natural flows in atmosphere and oceans and engineering flows, can be modeled in the laboratory. Geophysical, chemical and biological systems often involve fluids, internally and externally. Many of the difficult ideas of fluid dynamics can be illuminated with appropriate lab experiments. Stirring, mixing, convection, boundary layers, turbulence are common to all these fields.

In this course students carry out term-long experimental projects, singly or in pairs, in the Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory and teaching laboratory of the School of Oceanography. In the previous nine offerings of this course, projects have led to chapters in Ph.D. dissertations, published research papers and in some way illuminated computer models orobservations: inquiries: rhines, and visit www.ocean.washington.edu/research/gfd/oc569a-2010/ and www.ocean.washington.edu/research/gfd => courses

Who: Grad students in Ocean, Atmosphere, Earth Sciences, Engineering who have with physics/chem background (upper level undergrads and biology students contact us)

Where: Room 107 Ocean Sciences Building

When: 1st meeting Tues 7 Jan 1.30pm Tentatively Tu/Thurs afternoons, total 6 hrs per week: hours; but may shift to minimize schedule conflicts