WIN 2014 Course – INTSCI 301: Integrated Sciences Seminar

I’m writing to let you know about an exciting Winter course offering in Integrated Sciences. INTSCI 301 is geared towards students with a strong science background and is a great introduction to the new Integrated Sciences major. INTSCI 301 is also the prerequisite for INTSCI 401, our science careers practicum course, which we plan to offer in Spring 2014.

Course: INTSCI 301 – Integrated Sciences Seminar
Instructor: Julie Lutz
Credits: 1
Days: Tues
Time: 4:00-4:50PM
SLN: 21170

This seminar introduces students to scientists or science educators who are actively engaged in careers that require an integrative science perspective, including formal and informal science education, museums and science centers, and science communication organizations. The focus varies from quarter to quarter, with sessions devoted to contemporary issues in integrated sciences, such as science education, science communication, law, policy, and similar topics. Credit/no-credit only.

A sample syllabus for INTSCI 301 can be found at:

Students interested in obtaining an entry code should complete the survey at:

Meghan Oxley
Undergraduate Adviser, Integrated Sciences
(206) 543-5447

Physics/Astronomy C-337
Box 351580