College Success Foundation, Program Officer Vacancies

The College Success Foundation is currently recruiting two Program Officers for College Support Services.

A Program Officer within College Support Services supports retention efforts for students receiving scholarships from College Success Foundation.

Program Officers also work closely with colleges and community based organizations around WA State to build collaborations and systems which support retention and persistence of non-traditional students.

One Issaquah based Program Officer will serve students and campuses around Central Washington and the North I5 corridor.–documents/Program-Officer-College-Services-June-2013.pdf

One Spokane based Program Officer will serve Eastern Washington.–documents/Program-Officer-College-Services-September-2013.pdf

I held this position for the past 5 years and am happy to answer any questions.

Please share with your networks.


Lisa M. Predovich
Senior Program Officer, College Support Services

1605 NW Sammamish Road, Suite 200
Issaquah, WA 98027
425.416.2028 tel

360.920.4136 cell
877.655.4097 toll free