kayak Grand Canyon

In September I did a 15 day kayak trip down the Grand Canyon and wanted to share a video of that trip with you. It mostly features the kayak action and rapids, tho there is also footage of hikes and so on (the video was made by one of the participants on their honeymoon so there are a lot of shots of them). Link to vid below.

Thinking about kayaking reminds me to let you know that the University Kayak Club (I am the faculty adviser) is starting the Fall season. The Club has both whitewater and sea kayak activities. If you are a new boater we have classes coming right up in early November. If you are already a rad boater but new to the area, please join us and we can hook you up.

If you are interested please reply just to me and I’ll pass along relevant info.

Video here:


Prof. George W. Bergantz