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11. AWG Brunton Award
The AWG Brunton Award promotes the future of field mapping and data acquisition for the upcoming generation
of women geoscientists. The award will go to a female geoscience student at the senior level or in her graduate studies
who has been a summer intern, excelled at field camp, or performed field data collection that leads to a senior or
graduate thesis.
The award is funded by Brunton.
General Information

The award is an engraved Brunton transit.

A one

year membership is sponsored by AWG.

Application Deadline:
October 31

Field work an essential component of a senior thesis, summer internship, field camp,
graduate thesis or other types of field projects

Future plans to continue in the geosciences, with fieldwork as an integral part of graduate degree or career.

Project results, quality of work, and capabilities of applicant that promote the fundamental value and need for

based studies within the geoscience profession.

Cover letter

Description of research project, internship, field camp experience, or summer field experience including a sample of
work, which may include a report, map, photos, and/or model based on collected data (not to exceed 4 pages).

Statement of future interests and career goals as related to field work and/or resume

Letter of recommendation from the primary field mentor
Selection Committee
The selection committee consists of AWG members with varied and significant field experience, who are committed to
promoting field data acquisition methodologies among geoscience students
our future professional geoscientists.
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