Bullitt Environmental Fellowship

The Bullitt Enviro Fellowship (what they affectionately call the "Patsy Prize" is an amazing prize: $50,000/yr x 2 years for "graduate students interested in pursuing leadership positions within the environmental field." The focus is on "students of color and others who have overcome discrimination or other significant hardships." This year’s winner was a WSU grad student in Enviro & Nat Res Sciences who’s studying food security and sovereignty in the Philippines, in particular how a group of local farmers can develop farming systems resilient to climate change. The bar is clearly high for applicants — requires faculty recommendation, application, and finalists are interviewed by a panel of ~5 (this year’s panel included Alan Durning, an MD from Children’s, Michael Parham (General Counsel at RealNetworks). The application process opens Jan 1; deadline = April 1. http://bullitt.org/bullitt-environmental-fellowship/

Jill Logeman

Graduate Student Services & Diversity Specialist

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