Winter Holidays – Reach Out Volunteers Charity

Today and tomorrow Ryan Mackintosh and myself will be recruiting volunteers at Ryerson University to help make a change in the world. Below is an email that we send to students with regards to volunteering abroad this winter holidays to help communities and children at these communities in need. We have a number of past volunteers from Ryerson who will be sharing their experiences at our information session tomorrow but also for students to ask questions.

Please, could you help me spread the word out by helping send through the email (as per below) to students, by posting it to your bulletin or however you think may help spread the word as we are open to any suggestions.

We would like to invite all students to our information session at the Kane Hall Room 234 tomorrow, Thursday 26th September from 12 noon through to 4 pm, starting at every hour.

Your help and guidance is greatly appreciated from me and those who will benefit from it.

Warm Regards,

Jacques Capati
International Recruiter for Reach Out Volunteers

Reach Out Volunteers

Would you like to help us this Winter Holidays. Our motto is simple; Change the world, one village at a time. We know that if we can build a house for a family in need, we will have helped that family. If we do this with enough families we will help that community. And if we do this with enough communities we will help that country. We apply this philosophy to every country that we work in. A program will not go ahead if it does not hold the integrity that all Reach Out programs deliver. Reach Out programs are continually making a genuine and positive impact on the communities and the lives of the people we work alongside. Our volunteers come away with rare and unique understandings, friendships, and insights into the lives of many people living under third world restraints.
We need your help to change the world one village at a time. Depending on the program you choose, you could be scuba diving to protect the food source of remote island communities, helping to bring food, water, education, sanitation, and shelter to developing communities. You could be helping to protect and save endangered species around the world by tracking, monitoring, feeding, and providing a safe refuge for future breeding by working alongside professionals from the World Wildlife Foundation.
It’s a big call, but one that our past volunteers have proven to be true: participating on a program will change your life. It will also offer you insight into and the opportunity to soak up the customs and culture of remote, developing communities. You will make friendships that will last a lifetime and you’ll take away valuable experiences that will help you to discover the person that you want to be.
To reduce the stress on communities group sizes are kept small. To join us, apply online by clicking here.

following this link.

Be sure to mark all emails from info and admin as safe in your junk mail settings.
We believe in a hands-on approach. You will be the one to build new classrooms, install water catchments, run education classes and work with endangered wildlife.
Unlike other organisations, our philosophy towards working with animals is to try to recreate their natural habitats. We don’t work with any organisations that cage, mistreat or exploit animals.
If you land during our airport pick up times on designated days, everything is included for you. This includes all your meals, all your accommodation, transport to the community development project and wildlife conservation sites and all the work with wildlife conservation.
Everyday you will have scheduled activities. We will not ask you to pay for your own food and activities and call that day a ‘Free day’.
You will have your trained and qualified Team Leader with you at all times on the program. Your Team Leader will meet you at the airport and be your guide for the entire program until they see you off at the departure gate. Your Team Leader makes sure that the tools and materials are provided on time, that the meals and accommodation are up to scratch. You will have them with you every step of the way, whether it is just having someone to talk to about whatever is concerning you or helping you if difficulties arise. We take safety seriously and all of our Team Leaders are First Aid trained.

Reach Out Volunteers:
Changing the world, one village at a time.