Forum on Science, Ethics, and Policy (FOSEP) Student Group

Welcome back new and continuing students, staff, and faculty to the
University of Washington!

Science affects nearly every aspect of American policy. Several major
challenges faced by society have solutions that are based on science, yet
there is little emphasis to educate scientists in training about policy and
communication. To improve the impression of science in culture and the
support of scientific research among taxpayers and policy makers,
scientists must engage in effective communication and participate in policy

The *Forum on Science, Ethics, and Policy (FOSEP)* at the University of
Washington is a group of dedicated undergraduate, graduate, and
post-doctoral fellows who are concerned about a range of issues that
surround the practice and funding of research. We believe FOSEP can
successfully educate its student members about the intersection of science
and society in a way that is not accessible within a traditional graduate
education. With this mission, FOSEP is training the citizen scientists of
the future.

*More information* regarding FOSEP can be found at:

*If interested in joining* FOSEP, please complete this short (very short)
catalyst survey at
Responsibilities of general FOSEP members are negligible, but we do hope
that you will attend FOSEP events and spread the word about FOSEP in your

*Please join us on October 8th at 5pm for an introduction to FOSEP* and a
lively discussion of the way scientific research, and specifically health
information, is communicated. We will be looking at conflicting reports
about the health effects of caffeine. With conflicting reports seemingly
presented every week by scientists, does the public gain or lose trust in
science as an institution? Refreshments will be provided. Please *RSVP to


FOSEP Leaders, 2013-2014:

Renee Agatsuma Graduate student – Public Health Genetics

Cyan James, Graduate student – Public Health Genetics

Abigail Schindler, PhD – Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Jaci Saunders, Graduate Student, Oceanography

Corey Snelson, PhD, Graduate Student Public Health Genetics

Christopher Terai, Graduate Student- Atmospheric Sciences