Geology dept tech position opening at California State University, Fresno

We are in the process of hiring a new geology department instructional support technician, who will be responsible for providing field trip logistical support, purchasing, inventory, storage, and maintenance of geology laboratory (e.g. microscopes, XRF and XRD spectrometers, mineral sets) and field equipment and supplies, managing geology educational displays, and serving as Dept Safety Officer, among other duties. Individuals, particularly with a geology background, who are good at equipment maintenance, enjoy a little time in the field as well as being around the office, and who enjoy working with a collegial group of faculty, staff and students may want to consider applying. The full vacancy announcement for the position is attached. The application deadline is July 15.


Robert G. Dundas, Ph.D.

Assoc. Professor of Vertebrate Paleontology

Chair designate, Dept. of Earth & Environmental Sciences

California State University

Fresno, CA 93740


(559) 278-6984

Tech Vacancy Announcement.pdf