Job opening tenure track Structural Geology – tectonics Amsterdam

Dear all,

this is a limited circulation inquiry for candidates for a tenure track position in the general area of Structural Geology – Tectonics at VU University Amsterdam.

We are looking for a person with a couple of years post-doc experience and the publication record that is associated with that stage of the person’s career. The appointed candidate will be given full support to develop a research program that is high level enough to qualify for junior Netherlands or EU research funding (NWO – VIDI or ERC Staring Grant level).
Full information can be found at:

Tenure track in this context should be interpreted that a permanent contract is possible for the appointed candidate managed to secure such competitive external funding.

The general area is Structural Geology – Tectonics, and given the strong complementary fields of petrology and geochronology in the department, a person capable of bridging these fields (i.e. someone in the field that we all enjoy) would to my mind be a great addition to our department.

Please pass on this information to persons that you feel are qualified.

best regards, Jan

prof. dr. J.R. Wijbrans
Associate professor Professor of Geology
Section Deep Earth, Department of Earth Sciences Faculty of Science
Faculty of Earth and Life Sciences, VU University Leiden University
t: j.r.wijbrans j.r.wijbrans
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