Crowdsourcing Science

Marblar ( was founded at Oxford as a platform to unleash global creativity to uncover problems existing technologies could solve.

We create competitions around interesting tech from around the world and allow you to find new ways to use it. Earn cash prizes, points, and the chance to interact with inventors while helping science move from the lab into the real world.

Marblar has been featured in Nature, BBC, and The Economist. This month we’re featuring science from Oxford, MIT, Virginia Tech, plus an opportunity to work with IKEA and Philips. There’s $30,000 in total prizes available, plus the chance to have your ideas become actual inventions.

1) TheEarthHack [sustainable homes]:

How would you repurpose, modify, or re-combine existing technologies to create tomorrow’s low-carbon solutions in the home? IKEA and Philips will award $25k plus a trip to meet Michael Bloomberg in NYC.

2) Droplet Orchestrator

From Virginia Tech: this is a microfluidic technology for sorting droplets containing beads/cells based on the number of particles encapsulated in each droplet. Can we use it to study fetal cells? Or do genomic analysis?

3) Extreme Piezoelectrics:

From England – these piezoelectric sensors can work in extreme temperature and stress. What would you do with them? Maybe as a Formula 1 engine sensor? Or for invasive blood pressure measurement?

Share your thoughts now at for your chance to help direct the future of science (and bag yourself some cash in the process).