Summer 2013 Online classes: Renewable Energy and Bioenergy classes I/S or NW credit A term or B term 5cr each

Both these classes are (I&S/NW) in Summer qtr. and online (no addition fee).

Only 30 spaces in each!

BSE 190A: “Renewable Energy and Bioenergy”

Have you ever wondered…

If you can run your car on vegetable oil?

If you can make bioethanol to fuel your car from trees?

What kind of research on biofuels is happening at the UW?

We will watch movies and discuss what is in the news (popcorn will not be provided).

Prof. Renata Bura

Summer Quarter 2013 (5 credits)

A term only, SLN 10601

Online class

BSE 190B: “Renewable Energy and Bioenergy”

Are you interested in learning about bioenergy, solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, and tidal power?

Prof. Kevin Hodgson
Summer Quarter 2013 (5 credits)
B term only, SLN 10602

Online class

Summer_BSE 190A_2013.pdf
Summer BSE 190B 2013.pdf