Fall in Friday Harbor – creative writing, literature, marine biology!

A U T U M N i n F R I D A Y H A R B O R

(photograph courtesy Sierra Nelson)

Friday Harbor is a UW satellite campus nestled in the San Juan islands that offers an ideal, idyllic break from the city. It’s a place where students can take a full-quarter’s worth of classes (12-17 credits) amidst beautiful woods and water. Read, write, and explore the sea and the seashore through literature, creative writing, marine biology, and fisheries courses that take full advantage of the San Juan Island setting. What better place to read Moby Dick and other works of seafaring literature, or to take a marine biology course where you can actually interact with the marine life you’re studying? Whether you consider yourself a poet, prose writer, avid reader, marine biologist, or none of these (yet!), a quarter at Friday Harbor is an incredible experience unlike anything you’ve ever had – or may ever again get to have.

The program costs include EVERYTHING: tuition (12-17 credits), fees, materials and supplies, room, and three delicious meals a day.

Check out the website for details and testimonials from English majors who’ve attended in the past: songsforsquid) for more information. Hope to see you at the harbor!