Cool Jobs Events Featured at Seattle Science Festival

I have attached some cool events that are coming up in mid June for the Seattle Science Festival. I was hoping some of you may be able to spread the word to students/advisers through your consulting roles? These seem like great events for some of the students that we don’t generally see a lot of opportunities for (Bio and Environment studies particularly). Please let me know if that would be possible and if any of you have connections with the respective departments:

· Computer Science

· Biology/Biotech

· Environmental

Thank you!




Cool Jobs Computer Science Flyer_FINAL.pdf


Cool Jobs Events Featured at Seattle Science Festival

We want to announce three outstanding events featuring highly successful professionals in three fields where there are significant regional and national career opportunities: Computer Science, Biotechnology and Clean and Green technologies.

These events are designed to provide students with opportunities for Q & A with these high-level professionals across numerous sectors – academia, industry, non-profit and research. They offer an unparalleled chance for your students to learn directly from the experts about educational pathways and career opportunities in these key fields.

Please post these on your web site, calendar, or in your offices so your students are aware of these exciting upcoming events and please encourage them to register ASAP at seattlesciencefestival, as space at these events is limited. Also, check out our website to learn more about the second annual Seattle Science Festival at


Science Festival Event Manager | P mtakaoka

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Cool Jobs Computer Science Flyer_FINAL.PDF



Cool Jobs Series_ALL.pdf