potential summer field helper

My colleague Bruce Simonson from Oberlin is asking on behalf of a new geo major (see below) if anyone could use help in the field or lab, on a volunteer basis, this summer (Oberlin, like most schools, is just about finished now and starts up in late August). I’ve had good experience with Bruce’s students in the past, but don’t have an obvious role for Ben this summer. You can contact Bruce directly, or write back to me and I’ll play the broker. Thanks, Jody B (bourgeois).

From: Bruce Simonson <bsimonso>

Hey Jody, hope this finds you well. I’ve got a student who’s just launching on the geomajor and looking for something to do on the west coast this summer. Got any grad student who could use an extra fieldhand? I think he’ll be in the NW the summer anyway and he’s not looking for any income, just experience. He’s able bodied and user-friendly, but all he’s had in the way of geocourses so far are intro and geomorf. He’s just wrapping up his sophomore year, his name is Ben Davenport, and if you think there are any possibilities, please put me in touch with appropriate people or transfer the info to me to send to Ben. And FYI, his GPA so far is 3.62, Thanks in advance for any leads you can give me and hope you have a good summer. Cheers, Bruce