new EXPD summer course: Leadership from the Inside Out

The Center for Experiential Learning is offering a new summer course focused on leadership theory and practice. This class is open to students across all disciplines or class level interested in developing their leadership skills and potential. We would appreciate your help in passing this information along to your students. Also, if your department/office has a Facebook page, we would appreciate you sharing this Facebook page:!/photo.php?fbid=10151640408669136&set=a.10151257899389136.523332.34411534135&type=3&theater 

Class Description:

GEN ST 348: Leadership from the Inside Out
Term A: MTWTh, 12:40 pm-3:20 pm, SLN#11632 (5 credits, CR/NC)
Instructor: Francesca Lo, franlo

Over the past twenty years, a revolution has occurred in the way leadership is conceptualized across most fields and disciplines. The concept of leadership has moved from being leader-centered, individualistic, hierarchical, focused on universal characteristics, and highlighting power over followers to a new vision where leadership is process centered, collective, context bound, nonhierarchical, and focused on mutual power and influence. This summer intensive class offers a highly experiential opportunity to guide you in incorporating cutting-edge leadership theories and knowledge into your own style of working with and leading others. We will explore intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational and transitional leadership skills needed for socially responsible leadership. Grounded in revolutionary concepts in leadership, this class focuses on developing the skills, knowledge and attitudes needed to serve as effective change agents in your communities and fields of work.

Thank you for your help!

-Fran Lo

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