Summer 2013 Online classes: Renewable Energy and Bioenergy classes I/S / NW credit A term or B term 5cr each

Both these classes are (I&S/NW) in Summer qtr. and online (no addition fee).

Only 30 spaces in each!

BSE 190A: “Renewable Energy and Bioenergy”

Prof. Renata Bura

Summer Quarter 2013 (5 credits)

A term only, SLN 10601

Online class

BSE 190B: “Renewable Energy and Bioenergy”
Prof. Kevin Hodgson
Summer Quarter 2013 (5 credits)
B term only, SLN 10602

Online class


Lisa Nordlund

Undergraduate Adviser

School of Environmental and Forest Sciences

College of the Environment

University of Washington

Box 352100, Seattle, WA 98195-2100

VM: 206-543-3077 FAX: 206-685-0790



Summer_BSE 190A_2013.pdf

Summer BSE 190B 2013.pdf