Design Guidelines for Horizontal Drains for Slope Stabilization

To our/your interested members, there is a recently completed research project on the use of horizontal drains for slope stabilization. The research was partly sponsored by WSDOT and completed by the Desert Research Institute (UNR) and WSU. The research report is hosted on WSDOT’s research website (Design guidelines for horizontal drains used for slope stabilization ) and is free for downloading. The report covers basic hydrogeologic principles, hydrogeologic site characterization, recharge estimation, analytical methods and numerical modeling, drain design, and includes tutorials for building models and evaluating drainage designs in MODFLOW.

The Transportation Research Board will be hosting two 2-hour webinars presenting research highlights, which are scheduled for May 29th and June 25th. The first webinar is now open for registration TRB webinar on horizontal drains Part 1 of 2.

Thanks in advance for helping spread the word.