NWGS May 4 Symposium

Dear Geoscience Folks,

The NWGS Symposium is an event that should not be missed. On Saturday, May 4, 2013, you will have the opportunity to hear presentations from top authorities in geoscience on subjects ranging from Pacific Northwest earthquake history to interpreting the geology of planets and moons in the solar system. Coffee, snacks, and a catered lunch are included. Please open the attached newsletter for more information. The price to attend is $40 if you sign up now, the same price as a regular dinner meeting! Note that the Symposium will be the final meeting of the season for NWGS until next October, there will not be a dinner meeting on the second Tuesday of May.

You may also want to attend the Appreciation Dinner on Friday, May 3. The dinner will be at the University of Washington Club (on the UW campus), so please dress up (guys, wear a coat and tie). The cost is $45 and parking is included. You will be treated to good food, wonderful views of Lake Washington, and great conversation!

You may wonder how the NWGS is able to host an event like the Symposium. It is the work of members who believe in the value of providing a venue for the discussion of geology. It does take a bit of money also. Several local companies have provided funds for this event, but we also could use your support. Please note that toward the bottom of the attached newsletter, there is a DONATE TO THE SYMPOSIUM HERE link. Clicking on the link brings you to the donation page. Make a donation and your money will support this Symposium and will support future NWGS Symposiums.

I thank you all and I hope to see you on May 4.

Dan Smith
Secretary, Northwest Geological Society