Rocking Out More Outreach Events!

Sorry for the recent e-absence… we have had several new requests for volunteers, let me know if you are interested in any:

1. Girl Scout STEM event
Saturday, May 11 9am-12pm
Einstein Middle School in Shoreline
Geoscience demos for 200-300 girlscouts!

2. DO-IT Summer Scholars workshop

in Johnson Hall

Wednesday 7/24, 9am-Noon
This is a 3 hour event where we will do ~3x 1hour demos with ~10 emerging high school students with disabilities (see: for more)
Theme is: "Geoscience of the Pacific Northwest" and we will do one demo on volcanos/flood basalts; one demo on mountain building OR soils of the pacific northwest; one demo on glaciers using our flow models.

Looking for volunteers to lead the demos, you will have ~3-4 other interns/staff from the DO-IT program to help manage people. I’ll help you get set up with supplies and curricula.

3. Elementary school visit in Raymond, WA (~2.5 hour drive near the coast)
4th grade class, probably the Intro to Rocks and Minerals exhibit, dates TBD (likely early May-June)

Lunch will be provided for this trip, and we can even make a short detour to the visit the coast if it is a nice day.

4. Short demos/presentations to elementary-age autistic students
Johnson Hall

dates: could be June 26, July 1, 16, 17, 9:30-12:30 AM and/or 1:30 to 4:30 PM
Looking for volunteers to lead short powerpoints on your research (~20 minutes), complimented with a short (~40 minute) hands-on demo, that I can help get materials for.

5. Talk at the North Seattle Lapidiary Club
This group gives $$$ to our department for scholarships, and they are looking for someone to give a short talk on their research… let me know if you want to dust off that AGU talk or need some Generals practice!

6. Recess science!
Wedgewood Elementary was a great success! And we should hear from John Rodgers Elementary and Jane Addams Elementary about their interest…

Short science demos for K-6 kids at recess, including the cryovolcano and other demos. Let me know if you are interested yourself. Dates are flexible.