ESS Dean’s List students

The latest Dean’s List is out and we have an impressive number of Earth and Space Sciences students represented. Here are ESS students who made the Dean’s List winter quarter:

Heather Bervid
David Brown
Jerilyn Coberly
Mallory Craker
Carina Edelman
Chelsey Gohr
Gabriel Gribler
Khadijah Homolka
Dylan Jamison
Amiurl Japri
Jacob Laugeson
On Ling
Daniel Maben
Devin Maloney
Betzalel Massarano
Vishal Parikh

Noemi Ridzuan
Meagan Salmon
Daniel Scott
Morgan Shusterman
Adam Smith
Rebecca Smith
Jesse Turner
Brian Webster

Please join me in congratulating these students on this wonderful accomplishment!

ESS Advising