Emerging Leaders in Science and Society UW Campus Liaison

Hi SSNet list,

We’re looking for a graduate student to serve as a campus liaison for ELISS. ELISS is a new initiative from AAAS to train graduate and professional students to engage societal problems across the boundaries of typical disciplines (see http://www.aaas.org/cspsp/eliss/). UW was chosen as one of 5 campuses to start the inaugural fellowship.

There are two liaisons per campus who are tasked to ensure secure footing of ELISS on their home campus. Liaisons work with the ELISS organizing committee to (e.g.) recruit applicants, facilitate the interview/selection process, and bridge communication between ELISS organizers and the UW campus. The current UW liaisons are both graduating (I am one of them), and we’re specificially looking for someone who is outside the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (non-STEM).

If you are passionate about addressing the tough issues facing society and want to be part of a an inaugural student-driven program that will help formally train UW students on a national level, this is for you!


Phil Rosenfield