APPLY NOW- College of the Environment Scholarships


· The Campbell-Donaldson Scholarship listed first is only for students pursuing degrees in the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, or School of Oceanography.


· The Nancy Wilcox Scholarship and the Del Rio Environmental Studies Scholarships are open only to new incoming undergraduate Freshmen or Transfer students, so please don’t send that one to grad student lists.

I will be sending a notice to incoming Freshman in our college about scholarships that they’re eligible for and will coordinate with units to send this to any unfunded incoming graduate students (in eligible units).

The Undergraduate Admissions Office will be sending me a spreadsheet of admitted freshmen for 2013 who have indicated CoEnv majors. Please let me know if you would like for me to share that list with you so that you can also advertise your unit-level scholarships to students who have indicated your majors. There are some protocols that we need to follow in communicating with these students that I can also share with you.



Michelle Hall

Director of Student and Academic Services

College of the Environment

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