New MIDDLE EAST MINOR in Jackson School of International Studies

In response to increasing student interest in the Middle East across a wide range of departments, the Jackson School of International Studies is pleased to announce the establishment of a new minor in Middle East Studies, to be administered by the School and its Middle East Studies Program. We encourage you to make this information available to undergraduates in your program.

The new minor becomes effective immediately and may be declared at any time. Students who already have devoted significant attention to study of the Middle East may find that with careful planning it is possible to satisfy the requirements as early as the end of spring quarter 2013.

A full description of the minor’s requirements and contact information can be viewed from a link at:

Spring Quarter courses that can be applied to the Middle East minor include:

ANTH 318 Peoples and Cultures of Islamic Middle East (3)
JSIS A 457/ARAB 496 Current Issues in the Arab Media (5)
JSIS A 465 International Humanitarian Law (5)
NEAR E 410* Middle East through Cinema (3)
POL S 321 American Foreign Policy (5)
POL S 325* Arab-Israeli Conflict (5)

*Currently full

5 credits from any languages courses above 421 with the following

Summer Quarter courses that can be applied to the Middle East minor include:

HIST 361 Middle East History, 1453-1800 (5)
JSIS A 215/NEAR E 213 Introduction to the Modern Middle East (5)
POL S 325 Arab-Israeli Conflict (5)