Coenv_advisers Reminder: Spring 2013 Volunteer/ESRM Credit Opportunity Work with 5th graders to Teach about the Outdoors

Who: Undergrads or Graduate students with a passion for teaching about the outdoors and working with elementary school students.

What: Fall City Elementary 5th grade teachers are seeking volunteers to help teach outdoor education classes to 5th grade students during their trip to Seabeck May 21-24. Volunteers will work with teachers to develop and teach a specific class to multiple groups of students during their 4-day trip.

You can volunteer or sign up for ESRM credit based on the hours you commit to the project. This project offers the flexibility of being a few days or having more interaction with the students in the classroom before the trip and the ability to design your own curriculum topic to teach, if desired. Some examples of past topics include Forestry, Pollution, and Beach Study.

I have attached a sample of past topics.

When: Intermittent meetings with the fifth grade teachers will be held before camp. The actual camp itself will be held May 21-24.


For more details, please sign up for a required informational meeting, by emailing

Betsy Sorensen at sorensenb

Tentative Meeting Date/Time:

March 8th at 3:30pm, location TBA.

seabeck beach study folding book 2012.pdf