Teach For America’s First Early Application Deadline

Are you graduating this summer

or next year?

Teach For America is opening its first-ever Early Application Deadline window for students at the University of Washington to apply to the 2014 corps.

Reasons why you might apply now rather than next year:

  • You are planning to apply to Teach For America as a senior and you want your admissions decision early so that you can focus on coursework and prepare for your corps experience during your senior year.
  • You have a summer internship that may lead to a full-time job offer and you’d like to consider that position and Teach For America on the same timeline.
  • You want to know if this option is on the table before you consider opportunities during the fall job recruitment season.
  • You’re graduating this summer or next fall and want to launch your job search early.
  • You won’t be able to apply during your senior year because you’ll be abroad or have another conflict with our admissions timeline.

For more information about the early decision process, including a complete timeline, please visit our website.

Important Dates and Events

Informational Conference Call: Wednesday, March 13 at 4:30pm; register here
Application Workshop: Thursday, March 14 at 4:30pm; register here
Application Deadline: Friday, March 22; register and start your application today


All kids deserve the chance to reach their full potential—but today, only eight percent of students growing up in poverty graduate from college by age 24, compared with 80 percent of students in more affluent areas. This limits life options, affects families and communities, and has significant social and economic implications for our country.

Teach For America is a part of building the national movement to change this. We know it’s possible to give all kids a great education and the opportunities that come with it. By teaching for two years in Teach For America’s corps, you will join thousands of leaders helping students in low-income communities make the academic progress that will expand their opportunities for the future. You’ll develop the leadership skills, perspective, and commitment that will drive you to be a lifelong advocate for kids regardless if you stay in education or not. And you’ll build relationships with fellow corps members and others in your community working to meet this challenge.

This year, 10,400 corps members are teaching in 46 regions across the country, while nearly 28,000 Teach For America alumni continue working from inside and outside the field of education for the changes necessary to make a great education a reality for all.

You have the power to change things. Apply to the 2014 corps.

The Basics of Teach For America:

  • Corps members are full-time teachers and receive a full salary (ranging from $25,500 to $51,000 plus benefits)
  • Training, support and career development opportunities including a master’s degree pathway
  • Option to preference regional placement (46 regions across 35 states) and teaching assignment (preK-12, all content areas)
  • Student loan assistance (access to AmeriCorps education grant and federal loan deferral)
  • All majors and career interests encouraged to apply, regardless of teaching experience

Contact Information:

  • Website: katherine.kleitsch