Spring Course – Introduction to Environmental Modeling

Q SCI 210 A / ENVIR 210A Introduction to Environmental Modeling

Spring Quarter 2013 – Meets MTWF 1:30-2:20 – 4 Credits

Instructor: Danny Grűnbaum, School of Oceanography

Models and computer simulations are increasingly important in understanding environmental science, in designing solutions to problems in natural resource management and environmental monitoring, and in predicting future environments under changing climates.

This course is a chance to learn how to use and critically assess environmental models you will encounter in scientific literature, the popular press, and debates about public policy.

This course will …

● deepen your conceptual understanding of mechanisms underlying key environmental processes

● enable you to include quantitative thinking and modeling tools into your analysis of literature, management and policy

● design your own experiments and modeling studies

● give you experience in the research process –framing questions, constructing hypothesis tests, interpreting outcomes and articulating implications

● teach you to use web-based, open-source software you can take with you into upcoming courses and jobs

This course won’t …

● require programming or advanced mathematics

For further information, contact the instructor at grunbaum