Queer 101 is looking for new facilitators!

The Q Center is looking for people who are interested in facilitating Queer 101 next year! If you’re interested, we’d like to invite you to help us develop our curriculum and prepare for next year during spring quarter. We will be meeting in the Q Center regularly throughout the quarter to discuss class planning, homework assignments, and facilitation techniques.

Queer 101 is a 2 credit focus group that we offer each year out of the Q Center through the Comparative History of Ideas Department. It is a credit/no credit discussion based class that focuses on queer/LGBTQ issues through an intersectional and liberatory lens. These topics include history, (trans*) gender, sexuality, disability, class, access, race, age, bodies, normativity, religion, etc. The class is for anyone at any level of engagement and familiarity with this material.

If you are interested in facilitating next year, please let me know at kylcrft.