Honors in Romania-Early Fall Start Exploration Seminar

Study Abroad in Romania!

Did you know that the infamous Romanian dictator Ceuasescu was often compared to Count Dracula after communism fell? Learn more about Romanian history, literature, politics, and arts through the Honors in Romania Program!

We are excited to offer the final opportunity to study abroad with Honors during summer 2013. All students are welcome to apply!

The Romania Exploration Seminar "Scars on Romanian Culture: Dracula and Ceausescu" is currently taking applications for Early Fall Start (Aug. 26-Sept. 22). Student will receive 5 credits of Honors Interdisciplinary credit (Honors 394, VLPA and I&S) or they may receive credits in Comparative Literature (Comp Lit 396, VLPA and "W") .

Students will have the opportunity to meet award-winning directors (Cristi Puiu and Cristian Mungiu) and watch internationally acclaimed movies.

For more information attend the upcoming information session on Tuesday, February 26 at 3:30, Honors seminar room, MGH 211B, or contact program director IIeana Marin at marini. For information regarding credits or study abroad funding opportunities contact Associate Director Julie Villegas, villegas

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