Half the Sky: India Exploration Seminar – Open to all!

Credit can be earned as I BUS 490 or GWSS 496.

Business India – "Half the Sky": Women, Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship

“Dividing our time among five geographically and demographically diverse states, we will visit large and small organizations, for-profit and non-profit, including global companies practicing "compassionate capitalism" and entrepreneurial ventures whose "patient profits" help them meet social goals. We will meet with dozens of leaders – men as well as women – at all levels of society who are making a difference. Each student will have the opportunity to make their own difference by contributing to our three short service projects with inspirational organizations and taking on a leadership role within our group to explore values and talents and personal pathways to a meaningful life. Through it all we will discuss the role models we encounter and explore what leadership means in our own lives, in business and organizations, in India, and in the world.”


Jessica Rush

Assistant Director MBA Global Programs

Global Business Center

Foster School of Business