Campus Safety Resources

Hello ESS!

In light of the current happenings (one example: we’d just like to remind everyone to be safe out there! This is a good time to check in with yourself and remind yourself to be safe and vigilant – and to use caution in your daily routines.

I wanted to point out a few of the campus resources that are available to faculty, staff, and students:

*The UW Women’s Center teaches Self-Defense courses:

*The UWPD teaches a Rape Aggression Defense course for women (RAD): which has been featured in the Daily ( I’ve also had RAD training, so anyone with questions about it is welcome to come and ask me! These courses can also be taken together, so if there is a group that would like to take these together, I am happy to help coordinate!

*Additionally, UW Safe Campus teaches a training for all faculty, students and staff: . The next trainings are:

  • Wednesday, February 20, at 1 p.m. in HUB 145
  • Tuesday, March 19, at 9:30 a.m. in the UW Tower Auditorium

*Many of us are here late at night or on the weekends. UW offers a service to have someone accompany you when you might otherwise be walking alone: 206-685-WALK (9255) for UW safety guards to walk with you.

*We can also report threats by calling: 206-685-SAFE (7233) for advice and resources.

*The UWPD are available to us as well for a number of resources. It is a good idea to have their number programed into your cell phone: 206.685.UWPD (8973), but you should always call 911 for an emergency.

*I did want to point out that it is always best to report something than not–so worrying about overreacting or debating whether or not something should be reported is enough of a reason to report it.

Also, please note that Robert, Michele, and myself are available to help negotiate these situations.