Math Across Campus Lecture

MathAcrossCampus Lecture: February 8, 2:30-3:30pm
Kane Hall 210
Reception to follow

Title: Math meets muscle: how many molecular motors mediate motion

Speaker: Tom Daniel, UW

Muscle is nature’s most versatile machine. Converting chemical energy into mechanical work, muscle can act as an actuator, a brake, or even a spring. In collaboration with undergraduates, graduate students and postdocs, we have focused on understanding how billions of molecular motors can interact to drive motion in animals. We have used everything from simple algebra to cloud computing to calculate and predict how forces are generated.

Speaker Bio:
Tom Daniel holds the Joan and Richard Komen Endowed Chair and has appointments in the Department of Biology, Computer Science & Engineering, the Program on Neurobiology and Behavior Faculty at the University of Washington. Prior to the UW, he was a postdoc at Cal Tech an received his PhD from Duke. Daniel has received honors including a MacArthur Fellowship, the University of Washington Distinguished Teaching Award, and the University of Washington Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award. Daniel’s research programs focus on biomechanics and sensory systems, addressing questions about the physics, engineering and neural control of movement in biological systems.

Prof. Heidi Houston
Dept. Earth and Space Sciences
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University of Washington
Seattle WA 98195
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Oceanography Micronesia study abroad to ESS students

Curious about Oceanography’s summer study abroad course in Micronesia? Please stop by an informal information session at 5pm this Wednesday, February 6th, in Ocean Sciences Building 425 to learn more about the class.

The Oceanography summer study abroad program in Pohnpei, Micronesia will take place June 22-July 20, 2013. This class is focused on coastal ecosystems in a changing climate, and will provide students with first hand field experience studying coral reefs, mangrove forests, estuaries, and atolls, and the ways that human activities are affecting those ecosystems.

The application deadline is February 15th, 2013. Some foundation in the natural sciences is useful, but students from a wide range of backgrounds and majors are encouraged to apply. More information and the online application is available at snladd) with questions about the course.

UW Undergrad Research Symposium presentation

Hello ESS undergrad friends!It’s almost that time again. That’s right, time to start thinking about the UW Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium! We are lucky enough to have a couple representatives from the Undergraduate Research Program coming to Johnson Hall TOMORROW at 5:30 in JHN 127 to answer any questions you have. This is great opportunity to get involved/present your research as an undergrad so don’t miss it.

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