New class Spring 2012 ESS 310

ESS is launching a new math class in Spring quarter: ESS310 Mathematical methods in the Earth Sciences.

It is an alternative to the Math126 requirement in the geology option, and allowed as a supporting science requirement in the other degree options. The web pages do not yet reflect this change, so build this new option into your planning. The prereqs for ESS310 are Math125 and Phys 114/117 or Phys121. ESS310 is a prereq. (either required or recommended) for many ESS upper division classes – these are listed on the university course catalog.

Math is a stunningly powerful language for explaining the way the world works, and the purpose of the class is to demonstrate why. ESS310 will focus on physically-relevant functions and their use in the Earth Sciences. The syllabus is broader than Math126 but we will not cover the formal proofs, corollaries, and lemmas that a typical math class insists on. You don’t have to suffer through MATH126 anymore! The goal is to provide a working math toolkit that you will certainly encounter in your professional lives. There will also be a strong grading emphasis on the quality of solutions as well as their correctness.

Class style will be four lectures and one problem-solving session a week. Note that those intending to take advanced math classes (e.g., Math 308 etc.), required in the physics option, will still have to take Math126 as it is a prereq. for those advanced classes. See the attached syllabus for more information.