The Inside Scoop on Masters in ESS -Applied Geosciences

Hey everyone – GeoClub events for this coming Tuesday:

Tuesday Jan 29, 5:30
Juliet Crider will be giving a talk about the new ESS Applied Geoscience Masters program. This is a unique, accelerated masters program which may be of particular interest to those looking to go into the work force after college rather than continuing in research. This talk is useful to EVERYONE – whether you are actively looking into graduate programs or if you are new to the field and are trying to decide where you want your education to go.

We will be meeting in JHN 127.

Snacks will be provided!

SAME DAY, right after the talk (6:30ish)
We will be having the first Bad-Science Movie night of the Quarter!
"The Core" is our film of choice and there will be snacks here as well.
Meeting in JHN 075 at 6:30 or whenever the Masters Program talk is finished.

Hope to see you all there!

Best Regards,