Interview skills workshop – Speak with Power – Five secrets to getting the job or promotion of your dreams!

SPEAK with Power – Five secrets to getting the job or promotion of your dreams!

Have you ever applied for jobs or a promotion only to be passed over for someone else after the interview? Do you suspect that your interview skills are to blame? Then come to Purple Toast Toastmasters Open House to learn five key skills necessary to effectively communicate with your audience, especially when your audience is a hiring manager.

Our guest speaker is Leo Novsky — an award winning speaker and a gifted speech coach whose dynamic, humorous and inspirational approach is sure to help you speak with power! He has won numerous speaking competitions, taught lectures, led workshops, and helped many job seekers overcome their fear of speaking and master the art of the interview.

At the end of the hour, Leo will answer your questions about interview skills and you will have a chance to practice what you’ve learned. Be prepared for your next interview and GET THAT JOB!


Seattle First Church of the Nazarene

4401 2nd Ave NE

Just south of Dick’s Drive-In on 45th NE in Wallingford

Free parking

DATE: Wednesday January 30

TIME: 6:00 PM to 7:20 PM


Questions? Contact Brooke C. Davis, President, Purple Toast Toastmasters

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