Final Reminder: Sign up for Teaching Circles by Thursday Jan. 24

A final reminder to sign up for CTL’s Teaching Circles by Thursday, January 24.

As a reminder, teaching circles typically comprise 3-5 interdepartmental educators who want to learn together regarding a teaching, learning, or mentoring topic. Teaching Circles are smaller than our Faculty and Professional Learning Communities (FPLCs) and are group-driven. (For more information, check out our Learning Communities site<>). Faculty, TA s, staff educators, and instructional librarians are welcome to participate. Teaching Circles will convene over Winter-Spring Quarter 2013. Topics are:

* Active Learning Strategies
* Leading Dynamic Discussions
* Diversity and Inclusive Classrooms
* Assessing Student Learning
* Service Learning Pedagogy
* Scholarship on Teaching and Learning
* Supporting Student Writing
* Intentional Practice and Reflection

(Please note that there are no descriptions for these topics because these groups have not been formed yet, and each group determines the goals, discussions, and activities).

If you would like to participate in a Teaching Circle, please fill out our registration WebQ:

After gathering participant information, we will form the Circles and contact each one to introduce members to each other and provide more guidelines and expectations. Circles will by informed by the first week of February.

Feel free to contact me (Theresa Ronquillo, tmr51<mailto:tmr51>) if you have any questions about Teaching Circles.

Please circulate this announcement widely. Thank you!


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