Career Symposium 2013/Working the Room

This is a great series of professional development opportunities for your students to participate in to learn:

1. what employers are looking for in a job candidate

2. various UW alumni’s experiences with job searching and their own career path

3. how to fine tune one’s networking abilities.

Many of the skills and tips that students will learn by attending this workshop and event are applicable to all students (not discipline specific), so please cast this net wide.

Working the Room
Monday, Jan. 28, 3:30-5 p.m., Bagley 260

Ever wonder just what you’re supposed to say and do at a professional event? Want to make the most of the Jan. 30th Grad Student & Postdoc Networking Reception, or a similar event? This workshop will help you understand and apply strategies for making a good impression and building relationships at networking events, conferences, professional association meetings and other gatherings. Topics include how to prepare for such events, craft a personal script, exchange business cards without dropping your drink, gracefully exit a conversation and more. Sponsored by the Career Center.

Career Symposium 2013
Wednesday, Jan. 30, 4-7 p.m., Kane Hall

The Graduate School, the Career Center, and the Alumni Association are pleased to present the ninth annual Career Symposium for graduate students and postdocs. This event is designed to be an opportunity for you to:

· Explore various career paths

· Learn how to enhance their job marketability

· Develop connections with employers and successful graduate-level alumni

The symposium will also provide an opportunity for faculty and advisors to gain information that will be useful in mentoring students about career paths. For more details and the full schedule →